Soak Off Gel Nails

Calgel is a gentle, flexible and safe gel nail system developed in South Africa. A thin gel layer is applied to your natural nails making them strong, damage resistant and keeps your nails healthy.

Calgel features

  • Flexible and natural looking
  • No damage to your natural nails
  • Easy and safe to remove
  • No odour No primer
  • Long lasting
  • Vast range of colours
  • Reliable quality

Why Calgel?

Calgel is a gentle, thin flexible gel. It strengthens nails and unlike acrylic products there is no need to use a primer or any harmful chemical products, so less damage to your own natural nails.

As the moisture released from your nails evaporates through the gel layer, wetness does not accumulate between the gel and the nail, this prevents lifting and the formation of harmless microbes.

Calgel lasts for about 3-5 weeks. It is easy to maintain at home and easy to remove by yourself.

Click here for instruction on how to remove Calgel

Calgel has a great range of colours and it is also easy to mix the colours to achive any colour you desire. Momo design nail art studio is specialised for nail art, from simple paint to unique artistic nail art you have never seen before.

Calgel is only used by qualified nail technicians who have completed the training programme supervised jointly by the manufacturers of Calgel and Calgel Japan to ensure high quality of the product.

Our nail technician is qualified and completed the training at Moga Brook Nail Academy, headquarter of Calgel.