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Calgel is easy to maintain and remove. You can do it by yourself at home.

To maintain your Calgel

You may need: Calcleanse( acetone free nail polish remover), cotton balls, Top coat, Cuticle oil
Please refer to the following movie on how to remove Calgel.


With a cotton ball soaked in Calcleanse take the nail polish off


Apply top coat on


Put cuticle oil around nails to prevent dryness.


We recommend to do this once a week to keep your Calgel looking great much longer.


To cover your Calgel

You can apply any nail polish colour onto your Calgel. Retry the methods above if you want your Calgel back.


To remove

You may need: Calremove (acetone nail polish remover), nail file, cotton balls, aluminum foils shaped in 10cm squares, orange wood stick, cuticle oil.
Please refer to the following movie on how to remove Calgel.



Buff the Calgel with a nail file.


Pour acetone onto cotton balls until completely soaked. Place the cotton balls on nails.

Wrap the upper part of the finger with aluminum foil squares.

Leave for 10-15 mins.


Scrape off Calgel with an orange stick In case it didn’t work on other fingers, try Step2 again.


Moisturize your hands with essential oils after removing all the gel coating from your fingers.


Receive a free gel removal by re-booking with us.

All kits for home maintenance are available at our salon.