Q. What are gel nails?

A. Gel nails are a kind of artificial nail that most closely resemble the natural nails. The gel is applied on nails and cured under a UV light to harden and form a resin that looks just like a natural nail.

Q. I have done Shellac but not gel nails or Calgel. What is the difference?

A. There is no difference between Shellac and Calgel or gel nails. Shellac is the name of a brand of gel nail products. Momo design nail studio uses Calgel which is one of the top end brand of gel nails. Both of them are often called soak off gel, the systems are very similar. (See more Calgel)

Q. Do you do acrylic nails or regular nail polish?

A. No we don’t. If you require fake nails or extensions, try our gel sculptures. They are less damaging to your natural nails than acrylic nails and look more natural.

Q. How long will Calgel last?

A. On average they will last more than three to five weeks. This may vary depending on the condition of your nails and your lifestyle.

Q. How long does it take?

A. It may vary depending on your nail condition, please allow 90-120 minutes for a session. Nail care preparation is the most important part to have beautiful nails. Custom nail art designs, gel sculptures and tip over lays will take more time.

Q. Where is the salon located?

A. We are in Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown. 12km from Queenstown CBD on SH6, 10km from Arrowtown. Transport is available if you require, at a charge of $10 around Queesnstown/Arrowntown area.

Q. Do you do mobile nails?

A. No we don’t. There are several reasons we don’t do mobile nails;

  • We need lots of equipment for initial nail conditioning to the actual gel nail art/application for the premium quality finish.
  • Room needs to be clean and cannot have air conditioning as it moves around dust particles in the air.
  • Room needs to be free of sunlight as the UV light in the sunlight hardens the gel.

Please let us know if you need transport, we will pick you up and drop you off at your house or accommodation around Queenstown/Arrowtown area for an additional $10.